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Performance Diagnosis

The performance diagnosis aims to observe, measure and analyze the performance of a sector’s processes based on the Lean approach. It allows:

  • To confirm and demonstrate the improvement opportunities of the sector when compared with work organization best practices
  • To analyze the potential for gains in performance
  • To validate the conditions of success that direct the optimization and implementation strategy
  • To document and introduce the neutral opinion of an independent expert, a step that is often a prerequisite for recognizing and approving a process optimization mandate


Our approach

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  • Put things into context and establish the relationship with the mandate and methodology to be used
  • Collect factual data, opinions, observations and measures
  • Analyze and benchmark the observed performance compared with the best practices
  • Establish opportunities for improvement and validate the conditions for success
  • Recommend the optimization strategy



Process optimization

Lengthy delays, loss of productivity, lack of resources to get the job done, inability to meet the demand, difficult work environment, mounting pressure on the employees and different stakeholders, silo approach to management, lack of staff, sinking budgets: there are many reasons for reviewing how your processes are organized.

To do so, it is not only about improving what is already in place. Rather, it is about optimizing the processes based on the best world-class practices in work organization, to ensure optimal and lasting results.


Our approach

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  • Performance diagnosis
  • Education and training on Lean Management
  • Optimization workshop using the right method for the situation
  • Elaboration of a communication and change management plan
  • Implementation of solutions by the stakeholders, with the support of an expert
  • Establishment and implementation of a strategy to control the performance and sustainability of the new processes



Lean culture deployment

Since every organization is not at the same maturity level regarding Lean culture deployment, the strategies have to be personalized and specific to your context:

  • You already have carried out process optimization projects using the Lean approach and you have seen its potential for your organization
  • You wish to continue, accelerate and extend the use of the Lean approach to improve the efficiency of your processes
  • You would like to bring the organization to the next level and transform it effectively
  • You want to understand how to deploy the Lean approach throughout the organization
  • You want the Lean way of thinking to become widespread, systematic and effortless at all levels of the organization
  • You wish to become completely autonomous in the use of Lean
  • Or maybe it was the opposite, your attempts with the Lean approach have been difficult, the results were not lasting, or Lean was seen as a simple tool box and you want to change that

No matter what the situation is, it is essential to associate with high level Lean experts who know not only the core elements, principles and tools of this approach, but who also:

  • master the application of the Lean approach in detail
  • understand the most advanced Lean concepts
  • master effective transformation, change management, cultural and sustainable deployment strategies within the most complex and specific environments


Our approach

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  • Evaluation of the maturity level of the improvement culture in place
  • Establishment of a personalized strategy of deployment and cultural transformation towards Lean Management
  • Implementation of a Lean governance structure
  • Development of in-house expertise
  • Support in carrying out optimization projects
  • Development of the control, continuity and sustainability strategy
  • Etc.



IT Lean Optimization

Information technology (IT) is omnipresent and plays an increasingly strategic role in our organizations. However, despite the application of market referential practices such as Agiles, ITIL, SCRUM, Macroscope/Green Guide techniques, various situations persist, for example:

  • IT operating platforms less effective than expected
  • IT function that does not reach all its financial and efficiency objectives
  • Evolution or modernization of systems that exceed budgets or deadlines
  • IT function that becomes a business limitation and even a major irritant for its users


To meet these challenges, Linovati relies on a specific optimization approach, the Lean IT, which combines the best world-class practices in work organization as well as IT referential practices.

The ultimate objective of this approach is to ensure an optimal IT performance, serving the business and its multiple users. It has been proven that the Lean IT approach is effective to meet various needs, particularly:

  • Rethink the way to deliver a service
  • Effectively use an existing technological environment
  • Prepare processes for a technological change
  • Develop technological solutions
  • Support the implementation of technological solutions
  • Effectively manage an IT call centre
  • Manage the IT function and ensure its continuous improvement


Our approach

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  • Diagnostic analysis based on the Lean IT approach
  • Development of a personalized action plan
  • Definition and implementation of the change management strategy
  • Progressive deployment of the set action plan
  • Development of the sustainability and continuity strategy
  • Etc.

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