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    Our team

    Our Lean experts hold recognized certifications and solid experience as advisors, trainers, coaches and Kaizen leaders.


    business areas

    Our business areas

    We have a wide range of experience related to health care, public and private services, manufacturing and IT sectors.


    advisory services


    Our advisory services

    We offer high quality advisory services that are personalized to your specific situation often producing results that exceed expectations.



    Our products

    We have developed simulations, strategies, replicable models and training programs offered under license to give your teams the tools to master the Lean approach.

The Linovati difference

  • The robustness of the methodology and the depth of the Lean expertise based on advanced concepts
  • The diversity of the experience and in the areas of the Lean Six Sigma application
  • High-level strategic advisory services
  • Efficient application of concepts in the field, based on results
  • Renowned expertise in the deployment of the Lean culture and in change management
  • Ability to perform in projects and complex environments
  • Educational material and high-quality methodology available under license
  • Flexible, quick and effective customer approach


canam “The guidance provided by Linovati experts made a real difference in the development and implementation of our continuous improvement strategy. They were always actively listening to our needs and, with their support, we achieved the ambitious targets we had set ourselves.”
Annie Paquet, Vice President, Innovation Support
Canam Group
Groupe Dallaire

“Linovati experts quickly identified our needs linked to our sustained organic growth. They were able to support us in our organizational transformation, for both our specific needs such as training and for improving our strategic vision. Linovati brings real added value in the deployment of our continuous improvement program.
Francis Bérubé, Lean deployment advisor,
Groupe Dallaire



“I would like to express our appreciation of the Green Belt Lean Six Sigma training that Linovati gave in 2013 in our establishment. The trainer personalized the content to make it more relevant to our institution’s needs and we also benefited from her coaching in many of our projects, which allowed us to ensure their success.”

Joanne Côté, Director of the Transition office
Jewish General Hospital


“Université Laval, via its continuing education department, has been using Linovati’s methodology, training material and Lean Management expertise for its graduate microprogram in management of continuous improvement and performance. This program is intended for Quebec’s health care system and social services managers.

Important information

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Black Belt and LeanLeaderTM trainings: It’s time to sign up

With the success of the Lean Six Sigma trainings offered in 2013 and during the winter of 2014, it is with enthusiasm that Linovati unveils its training calendar for the fall of 2014.

Our experienced and high-level certified trainers will accompany change agents and managers to help them develop their knowledge and mastery of the Lean Six Sigma approach, depending on the level required.

Don’t wait! Places are limited.

To find out more about our rates or to sign up, please contact us at 418-781-5611 or at: info@linovati.com.

To find out more about the trainings offered, click here.

image LeanLeader gestionnaires

New LeanLeaderTM program for managers
Because we are well aware that the effective deployment of a Lean continuous improvement culture must be achieved through the support of management and managers, Linovati is proud to introduce its new training and support program aimed specifically at managers: the LeanLeaderTM program.

This program, which is also available under license, is very relevant for organizations that are migrating towards a Lean continuous improvement culture since it’s oriented to effectively support the transition of management behaviour to the Lean way of thinking.

This program was designed for managers of all levels and is based on the 7 Lean behaviours of management and includes extremely innovative educational elements.

To find out more, visit our training section or our trainings provided under license.


image centre appel Lean

A new element in our practice: the Lean call centre model
To meet the specific needs of call or service centres, Linovati is proud to introduce another of its new products: the Lean call centre model.

An innovative product, this model combines the best IT practices and the best world-class practices in work organization to facilitate and optimize the operations of call or service centres.

Also available under license, the Lean call centre model has been developed to enable customers to quickly and autonomously apply the best IT and work organization practices in their environments.

To find out more 

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CvPAC conference: Linovati puts the deployment of the Lean culture at the forefront

Linovati is proud to be a Gold sponsor of the conference organized by Communauté virtuelle de pratique en amélioration continue (CvPAC), part of Quebec’s health care and social services network. The conference took place on May 21, 22 and 23, 2014 at Hôtel Mortagne in Boucherville.

Under the theme “Making improvement continue...far beyond projects!” this event was attended by over 400 managers and stakeholders from the health care sector.

In keeping with this theme, Linovati presented a very dynamic workshop on the deployment of the Lean culture, which has allowed participants to understand the main concepts of a really high-performance Lean culture.



Health System Overdose: for a deeper understanding of Lean Management

Camil Villeneuve, president of Linovati, is the author of “Health System Overdose”, a must-read for understanding the potential of health care systems and the solutions to optimize performance based on the Lean Management approach.

The innovative solutions that are presented are contextualized and explained in an accessible manner, providing the reader with:

  • A compelling storyline where the characters experience situations allowing the reader to understand the various phenomena characterizing the health care sector
  • Events based on real situations, observed by the author in the context of health care sector optimization projects
  • An illustration of the potential solutions to optimize the performance of health care systems, based on Lean Management concepts, the best world-class practices in this field
  • An explanation of the concepts in layman’s terms, put forth by the characters throughout the story
  • Technical elements explained in “The expert’s corner”, at the end of every chapter, to satisfy the curiosity of the readers interested by Lean Management concepts

“Health System Overdose”: a unique book allowing you to achieve greater understanding of the potential of Lean Management applied to health care systems.

Get the book now on Amazon!

bmp consulting  Linovati acquires BP&M Consulting in Ottawa
Linovati is proud to announce the acquisition of Ottawa-based BP&M Consulting, an IT and management consulting firm which mainly supports the federal government agencies in their transformations. Besides increasing its service offer, Linovati is pleased to see its team grow and pass on its expertise from its three offices located in Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa!

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Visit BP&M website 

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