Why work at Linovati and BP&M Consulting?

Joining Linovati is to become part of a young dynamic and growing company.

It is also choosing:

  • A competent, experienced, highly qualified, certified and above all passionate team
  • Colleagues who not only share, but who master the concepts, methodologies and tools to effectively implement a Lean management culture in the most complex conditions, and to apply best practices in work organization, in all fields
  • A high-performance, credible and recognized team, which carries out large-scale projects filled with challenges
  • A stimulating living environment with regular social activities to develop relationships between colleagues and a strong sense of belonging to the team
  • Managers who have at heart the professional development of employees and the quality of everyone's life in order to live our slogan on a daily basis: "Le plaisir de performer"
  • Challenges encountered in fulfilling mandates
  • To transform your work from a burden to a passion

Even more, it is enjoying the following advantages :

  • Effective skills development plan supervised by experienced senior advisers, through complex projects
  • Stimulating mandates of various kinds
  • Competitive conditions and benefits, including a group insurance plan and flexible hours
  • Well-located offices, accessible with public transportation
  • Possibility of remote work in certain conditions to minimize travel
  • Participation in the development of new products or services
  • Potential participation as a lecturer or as a coach

Candidates Wanted

Do you specialize in process optimization, performance management or the implementation of a continuous improvement culture according to the Lean approach?

Do you know the challenges of different business areas, such as the manufacturing sector, health, public services, information technologies?

Do you show initiative, team spirit, and are results-oriented?

Or do you just want to expand in this area?

We can’t wait to get to know you!

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