Lean Six Sigma training material licenses

Lean simulations:

Lean simulations are essential tools for any organization that commits to the path of processes optimization, Lean culture integration or plan multiple Lean training sessions. Lean simulations support directly the knowledge provided by the White Belt training sessions throughout a practice tailored to the participant’s work environment. Also, Lean simulations allows:
  • A better visualisation of the Lean concepts and an understanding of the difference between Lean and the conventional improvement approach
  • A demonstration of the potential gains associated with Lean in your daily tasks and the power of the approach
  • A more effective change management
  • A better preparation of the team before the Kaizen workshop which will lead to speeding up the optimization phase and to finding more innovative and effective solutions
  • An acceleration of the integration of the Lean thinking culture in the organization

The available Lean simulations are :

  • Manufacturing simulation
  • Construction simulation
  • Administration simulation
  • Health simulation
  • IT Simulation

Lean training:

The training of change agents is one of the keys to success in optimization projects, problem solving, or the deployment of a culture of continuous improvement based on the Lean approach. In fact, it allows:
  • To initiate the Lean Six Sigma approach
  • To develop the skills or internal capacity to carry out optimization projects or problem solving
  • To maximize problem solving or optimization of ways of doing things or processes through the use of best practices recognized in the field
  • To appreciate and benefit from the difference between problem solving and reactive and intuitive improvement, versus structured and proactive optimization
  • To ensure the sustainability of Lean culture optimization and implementation projects

Licenses for specific
Lean application solutions

Some Lean application solutions have been developed by Linovati’s expert advisors to meet specific application areas, which are often found in several organizations, and for which an optimal application of Lean and its concepts has been developed under the form of replicable and adaptable solutions. These application solutions are ready for use by any organization wishing to use the benefits of developments already carried out elsewhere for these applications, and adapted to their specific reality.

The Lean application solutions available are:

  • Lean call center
  • Standard Lean Management System

Methodological guide for a center of excellence or a “continuous improvement” function

This guide provides managers and agents with a personalized and standardized methodology as well as the tools and concepts needed to facilitate the realisation of optimization projects as per the Lean approach. It also helps them to integrate, monitor and control the new process throughout the organization.

The DMS-Tervene technological solution

Connected platform supporting your daily operations control

This Connected Manager Platform will empower teams to gain control over their daily operations and to solve problems towards a sustainable culture of operational performance. Tervene is also a technological solution that complies with the Linovati LeanLeader program and constitutes a coherent logical continuation for the sustainability of new management behaviors. It enables the integration of the best Lean management practices, facilitating the interactions between the board members, managers, and employees for their daily operations. This daily management system (DMS) supports the standardization of management processes, improves the efficiency and adherence of its users, increases visibility, and structures the governance of performance indicators, in addition to connecting teams in a mobile and paperless environment.

Increase the efficiency of your management force and efficiently execute your management processes!

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