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Mission and Values

At Linovati, we want to set the standard in Quebec regarding consulting services and products associated to the Lean philosophy and concepts. Our mission?

“Improve our customers’ business through the optimization of their processes and performance, as well as through their technological efficiency, while using world-class best practices.”

What enables us to stand out as we carry out our mission? Our values, which guide our everyday actions and ensure that whoever interacts with us – customer, promoter, agent of change, employee, learner – will benefit:

  • Customer first
  • Harmony and pleasure
  • Efficiency
  • Value creation
  • Respect for individuals


The success of Linovati’s team is based, amongst other things, on the experience and specialized expertise of the founding members and high-level advisors.

  • Camil Villeneuve, President
  • Melanie Desrochers, Partner
  • Stéphane Rousseau, Partner

Camil Villeneuve, eng., Master Black Belt, Lean-Sensei
Partner and President of Linovati

  • Engineer and professional consultant for more than 20 years in the field of continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma approaches.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and holder of one of the most important official Canadian Lean certifications, the LSC-Senseï of the SME/AME/Shingo Prize/ASQ international consortium.
  • Acted has a strategic advisor with hundreds of organizations, many of which are on the prestigious Fortune 500 list.
  • Has directed, supervised or carried out over 2000 projects optimizing or deploying Lean’s culture of improvement, in the health care and private and public services sectors as well as in the manufacturing sector.
  • Carried out or supervised more than 500 Kaizen workshops, and also provided more than 500 Lean trainings of different levels.
  • Worked internationally as a professional Lean advisor in more than 10 different countries.
  • Pioneer in the application of Lean Management in Quebec’s health care system.
  • Was invited to be the keynote speaker at an international symposium on health care in Tokyo in 2009, as a specialist of Lean Management applied to the health care system.
  • Author of the book “Health System Overdose”, published in 2013.
  • Coordinator and lecturer of a graduate program at Université Laval in management of continuous improvement and performance, based on the Lean Six Sigma approach.

Melanie Desrochers, B. eng., Master Black Belt
Partner and Director of Linovati’s Montreal office

  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in technological innovation obtained in 2001 at the École Polytechnique de Montréal.
  • Nearly 15 years of experience, including 10 years as a consultant, mainly as a strategic advisor.
  • Carried out over 75 organizational optimization and transformation projects focusing on Lean culture, in several small and large-scale organizations, in the public, private and manufacturing sectors, as well as in the health care sector.
  • Prepared and provided training in over 200 workshops on optimization based on Kaizen methodology.
  • Trained and supported thousands of managers and promoters, and more than 300 groups of internal agents of change of different levels such as White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt.
  • Was invited to Spain as guest speaker on Lean Management in the health care sector.
  • Lecturer in the graduate program at Université Laval in management of continuous improvement and performance.

Stéphane Rousseau, eng., Master Black Belt
Partner and Director of Linovati’s Quebec City office

  • Engineer with a graduate degree in industrial engineering.
  • Nearly 20 years of experience, including 10 years in process optimization and reengineering, in continuous and performance improvement, within manufacturing companies, public and private service organizations as well as in the health care and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Recognized as an experienced project manager for more than 8 years.
  • Participated in providing over 200 operational performance optimization workshops based on Kaizen methodology.
  • Acted as a facilitator, trainer and coach with hundreds of professionals, including skills development for training groups of internal agents and managers.
  • Lecturer in the graduate program at Université Laval in management of continuous improvement and performance.






Linovati’s team also includes junior and senior advisors certified and specialized in Lean’s principles, concepts, tools and methodologies as well as in the world best practices in work organization.

With their many years of experience in various business areas, they have the expertise and experience necessary to intervene in both simple and complex environments and to successfully support you in all aspects of your projects.


Business Partners

Information Technology



Lean Alliance

ti authentis gpbl logo lean alliance

Linovati does business with different information technology partners, depending on needs, in order to join forces with experienced and specialized IT professionals. These partnerships are an added value within our optimization and transformation projects involving information technologies.

In supply chain optimization and logistics, Linovati relies on its partnership with Authentis, a firm specialized in this area and which distinguishes itself through a unique approach and tools.

Linovati partnered with GPBL, a firm specializing in organizational management projects in the private and public sectors. Using an approach based on the best practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI), GPBL relies on passionate experts (the majority of which are PMP-certified) which make it a partner of choice in project management.

Linovati relies on a partnership with Lean Alliance to increase its capacity and extend its territorial coverage when needed. This firm is specialized in Lean Management and its activities extend across Canada.

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