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We believe it is more effective for our clients to use their available resources and in-house Lean Six Sigma expertise to perform tangible improvement projects, rather than spend time and effort developing Lean training content and material.

This is why Linovati offers its customers different products to support the deployment of continuous improvement in their organization based on Lean Six Sigma, making them more effective and autonomous. These different products are available under license at very competitive prices, and provide an excellent return on investment.

Lean simulations

Lean simulations are an essential tool for any organization committed to process optimization and the deployment of a culture based on the Lean approach.

Lean simulations directly support the application of the Lean approach because they:

  • provide a common vison and language to all participants
  • help visualize Lean concepts using concrete examples and understand the differentiation of Lean in relation to conventional improvement approaches
  • provide a powerful demonstration of the strength of the approach and its potential gains on a daily basis
  • strongly encourage effective change management and help convince even those who resist the most
  • allow to properly prepare a project team before a Kaizen workshop in order to accelerate the optimization phase and help find more innovative and effective solutions
  • allow to accelerate the deployment of a systematic Lean culture and way of thinking within the organization


Product description

The Lean simulations are available in many versions, adapted to different environments or specific applications. Here are the various versions:

  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction site
  • Services
  • Information technology (IT)


Lean Six Sigma trainings

The training of Agents of Change is one of the keys for success within the context of an optimization or Lean culture development project. It therefore enables:

  • To introduce the Lean Six Sigma approach
  • To develop an in-house ability to realize optimization projects based on the Lean Six Sigma approach
  • To develop the autonomy of the change actors
  • To encourage change management based on best practices
  • To ensure the sustainability of optimization and Lean culture deployment projects
  • To encourage a culture of change towards the Lean way of thinking, including management behaviours




Product description Training levels offered are: Support and accompaniment

Aware that the production of training content requires major investments, Linovati offers its advanced applicative training material available under usage license.

A summary of each of the levels is available in the lesson plan:


To facilitate the appropriation of the training content, our offer also includes transition and knowledge transfer services.

Lean call centre

Call or service centres face the same challenge: exploit the full potential of the processes and technological tools to generate the most efficiency and operational effectiveness for the users.
To meet that challenge, Linovati has developed a tool kit that combines the best practices in information technology (IT) and the best world-class practices in work organization, to be able to:

  • Strengthen the rigorous and effective application of the best baseline practices in IT
  • Optimize the administrative and operational processes by the implementation of best practices in work organization based on Lean concepts and tools
  • Implement effective mechanisms in continuous improvement to ensure the evolution of performance and call reduction

The results? Lean’s call centre program allows to increase significantly the level of service expected by the internal or external customers and diminish operational costs, while improving the quality of life of the employees involved.


Product description

Linovati’s Lean call centre model is available under license and delivered with an effective personalization and change management strategy. It includes:

  • A detailed descriptive guide of the Lean call centre model, including more than 10 Lean concepts relevant to the operations of a call or services centre, such as:
    • Voice of Client
    • Zero defect
    • Kaizen Teian
    • Standard work
    • Etc.
  • A strategy of personalization, implementation and appropriation of the best Lean practices for specific needs
  • An accompaniment to ensure the sustainability of the Lean call or services centre in the organization



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